Website, SEO MicroFab provides precision Radio Frequency (RF) circuit fabrication and atomic-level micromachining services. We are recognized experts in the application of ion beam etching technology.

NH Brewfest

Website, SEO, Social Media The New Hampshire Brew Fest is a beer festival put on BY brewers FOR Beer Fans! 40 breweries, 150+ Craft Brews and 1 cause. Prescott Park Arts Festival. HiFiSPIN was hired to create a new dynamic website to promote the NH Brewfest. NH Brewfest had no web-presence within search engines. Their […]

Tobias Lear House

Logo, Website & Video The Tobias Lear House in the South End neighborhood of Portsmouth, NH will soon become a unique and unrivaled lodging experience, allowing visitors to have an important historic residence all to themselves for a weekend or a week as they explore the treasures old and new of Portsmouth and the New […]

Pasta For All

Logo and Website Pasta For All is an organization that educates consumers on the healthy aspects of pasta. We created a new logo and website.

EEG Builders

Logo & Website EeG Builders came to us for branding a website.

Microphone Boutique

Logo & Website Microphone Boutique is dedicated to selling high-quality studio microphones from Europe and in the European tradition. With direction from the client, we created a classic logo. We also designed and developed the Microphone Boutique website.