Website, SEO MicroFab provides precision Radio Frequency (RF) circuit fabrication and atomic-level micromachining services. We are recognized experts in the application of ion beam etching technology.

NH Brewfest

Website, SEO, Social Media The New Hampshire Brew Fest is a beer festival put on BY brewers FOR Beer Fans! 40 breweries, 150+ Craft Brews and 1 cause. Prescott Park Arts Festival. HiFiSPIN was hired to create a new dynamic website to promote the NH Brewfest. NH Brewfest had no web-presence within search engines. Their […]

Tobias Lear House

Logo, Website & Video The Tobias Lear House in the South End neighborhood of Portsmouth, NH will soon become a unique and unrivaled lodging experience, allowing visitors to have an important historic residence all to themselves for a weekend or a week as they explore the treasures old and new of Portsmouth and the New […]

Pasta For All

Logo and Website Pasta For All is an organization that educates consumers on the healthy aspects of pasta. We created a new logo and website.

3S Artspace

Logo and Layout Design 3S is dedicated to presenting and supporting bold, emerging art and entertainment and cultivating an informal space for the exchange of ideas and creativity. We were hired to create a logo for 3S’ annual fundraiser event titled “Swizzle”.

EEG Builders

Logo & Website EeG Builders came to us for branding a website.

Microphone Boutique

Logo & Website Microphone Boutique is dedicated to selling high-quality studio microphones from Europe and in the European tradition. With direction from the client, we created a classic logo. We also designed and developed the Microphone Boutique website.